Stop Belgian cooperation with the Israeli police

The Belgian Federal Public Service - Justice and the Catholic University of Leuven are collaborating with the Israeli police on the LAW-TRAIN project on interrogation techniques, in which the “expertise” of Israel in this field is utilized.


This collaboration must end for many reasons:

  • The United Nations again condemned Israel for its practices of torture in May 2016;

  • Over 300 Palestinian children are held in Israeli prisons;

  • These arrests and acts of torture are carried out by Israel as part of its illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories;

  • The general headquarters of the Israeli police is located in East Jerusalem, and European institutions cannot collaborate with Israeli entities located outside the Green Line.

Israel will receive over half of the European budget allocated to this project. (Total: 5,095,687.50 €)

We demand:

  • The end to the collaboration with Israeli institutions implicated in violations of international humanitarian law and human rights;

  • The immediate end to the participation of the Federal Public Service - Justice and the Catholic University of Leuven with the Israeli police;

  • The immediate end of the financing of this project by the European Union.

It is possible! The Ministry of Justice in Portugal pulled out of this project in 2016. Now, it is Belgium’s turn.


Sign the petition here.

Read the BACBI-Dossier on the LAW-TRAIN project here.

This campaign is initiated by: 11.11.11, CNCD-11.11.11, Association Belgo-Palestinienne, BACBI, Broederlijk Delen, CNAPD, COMAC, ECCP, G3W-M3M, intal, LAP, Palestina Solidariteit, Pax Christi Vlaanderen, Samidoun, Solidarité Socialiste and Vrede vzw.